Kitchen Startup Office is Cooking in SoHo

 Kitchen Surfing sIgnage

Don’t Bother Cooking Dinner After Work

Busy professionals looking for a way to save time on cooking meals can do so with food tech startup Kitchensurfing.  The model is simple:  Order a chef on demand, and they will take care of all the supplies needed to create a four course meal.  Kitchensurfing hires independent chefs to cook meals in about 30 minutes anywhere in Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.  It’s a higher level of service than other food delivery programs that only provide ingredients.

KitchenSurfing Startup Office

Located at 578 Broadway, the offices at Kitchensurfing are beautifully designed with a food theme in mind.  Office designer for startups, Danielle Arps has blended kitchen and Bauhaus elements into this SoHo office space.  Sections are decorated with Arps’ signature oak wall decor, rug-designed carpeting, sliding frosted glass doors etched in kitchen utensils, and decorative office plants.  The main draw, however, is the full kitchen installation that is over the top for an office pantry area.

Built for Tech Startups

Built in 1895, the 350,000 square foot building was originally used as a sewing factory, but is now occupied mainly by tech startups such as FourSquare and MongoDB.  The loft office building has 12 foot ceilings which allow abundant natural light to penetrate the spaces.  Coupled with excellent access to many subway lines, this SoHo building makes for a great startup office space.


Glass with fork image

Quiet work area with large chairs and coffee table
Quiet Work Area


Office pantry with refrigerator, table and bench
Full office pantry
Breakout room with oak panel and chairs
Breakout Room


Lounge area with chairs and coffee table
Lounge Area


Relaxing room with beanbag chairs
Relaxing Room


Conference room with oak table and shelves with decorative plants
Conference Room