Rustic Office Space in NoMad Manhattan

Exposed brick with chair

Brick by Brick

Seems like many tenants looking for something rustic and a bit nostalgic in an office, would easily be drawn to a space with exposed brick walls.  Cocademy’s office space in NoMad is at 49 West 27th Street.  Practically every wall in this office space has exposed brick.  Along with the building exterior, one will get the feeling of being in an old college hall.  Office designer Daneille Arps did a fantastic job by using elements one would find in an institutional university setting.  Handcrafted distressed wooden desks, leather sofas, and antique gun-metal lockers make for a great match with the red brick interior.

More on the tenant

Cocademy, is a new kind of online school where students learn programming, how to code, and build websites.  They don’t just teach from a programmed curriculum like most colleges and universities. Rather, it’s completely online, and the education is interactive and current.


Lounge area with sofa and chairs
Lounge Area


Office bar with row of stools
Office Bar


Conference room with wood table and chairs
Conference Room




Open area with workstations
Open Area


Breakout room with desk and chairs
Breakout Room


Office Space in Nomad

Office Space in Nomad has increased in price dramatically over the past few years. A destination for wholesale home textiles and tabletops, it is currently a draw for many tech tenants. Loft spaces and rents in the $50’s and $60’s per square foot is what you’ll find here. For more information on other office spaces in this neighborhood, please contact us.