Memoir/Estimote’s Sunlit Office

Memoir, an online app that let’s people share photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare all in one platform has teamed up with Estimote, a technology startup.  Their Flatiron office location has their space decorated around skylights and large loft windows.   Taking a closer look at the space, one can see the bright and open feel to this sunlit office in the Flatiron District.

Office Off Broadway

A look inside Memoir/Estimote’s office space at 35 East 19th Street, one will notice the high ceilings and sizable skylights that allow unfiltered natural light into this sunlit office.  The space, designed by Danielle Arps, has a gray area rug with rectangular couches, and Arps’ signature over-sized chairs on wheels to allow for more mobility in the office.

Conference room with wood conference table and chairs
Conference Room
SKylight in breakout room
Glass fronted Small room with table and chairs
Small Room
Lounge area with hallway leading to open area
Hall and Lounge Area
Lounge chair on wheels
Lounge Chair on Wheels
Wall art
Wall Art

Photographs by Stefon Miller