4 Times Square | Green Building Design

One of First to go Green

Completed at the turn of the 20th century, 4 Times Square was one of the first Green Skyscrapers built in the United States.  Also known as the Conde Nast building, 4 Times Square was a bold venture towards designing a green skyscraper among a vast skyline of traditional skyscraper construction.

An efficient Building

One of the most innovative buildings in Manhattan, 4 Times Square brings state-of-the-art office space along with efficient floor plates,  large column free spaces, substantial ceiling heights, and great views.  Some of the features outside the office spaces include a Frank Gehry designed cafeteria, outdoor terrace setbacks, and a new beautiful lobby to be completed as part of a $100 million building renovation.

It is perhaps most well known for its Nasdaq Marketsite, a 7 story electronic display, and Conde Nast, which has recently moved its offices to One World Trade Center.  The largest New York City law firm, Skadden, is also headquartered here.

Green Building Design

Green Designed Skyscrapers, also known as “Green Skyscrapers” or Eco-towers”, are tall buildings which utilize environmentally conscious design to reduce the enormous energy expenditure traditional office buildings misuse.  New York City has been a pioneer in the United States for buildings with Green Design.  In particular, The Durst Organization has been the leader in developing green skyscrapers.  Along with 1 Bryant Park, and the soon to be built 3 Hudson Boulevard in Hudson Yards, The Durst Organization has utilized Purecell solar power, an energy efficient heating and cooling system, along with an insulating and shading curtain wall, to develop a highly efficient building.  Essentially, 4 Times Square does not need to be heated or cooled for most of the year.  Furthermore, it has an elaborate air circulation system which provides more than 50% of the fresh air required by local building code.

The Architect

The building was designed by Fox & Fowle, chosen for their experience designing ecologically sustainable buildings.  The American Institue of Architects has given awards for their innovative green designed buildings.

Views from corner office
Corner Office
Open office area with great views
Open Area
Interior conference room and open areaa
Interior Conference Room