Site Compli raises the bar when it comes to trendy office space. Their office makes you wonder if you are actually working at a real estate company. The company is a real estate startup that is making its roots in the Flatiron district. Site Compli is modernizing the property management business and bringing in into the digital age.


trendy office space with a neon sign and blue furniture
Marietta Leung Photography

The Epic Office and All of its Glory

For starters, Sitecompli is the in the property management business but you would never get that impression walking into this office. The interior is exciting and inviting. We also wanted to mention that this office is pet friendly, and it incorporates several different styles of design in multiple rooms. This is thanks to the brilliant design company d.m. interiors for designing this trendy office space.

In one room there is a hand painted mural covering the walls of two offices that are sitting side by side, and in another room there is a glass table filled with gumballs. You never know what kind of theme awaits you in the next room! We also didn’t want to forget to mention their conference rooms. One conference room has a glass table that is made completely out of legos.  Like most strartups today, they also have their own unique phone booths for employees.

Additionally, this office space has a kitchen, and a breakout room where employees can get away from their regular offices and work in a more homey environment.

See the photographs below which were kindly provided by Marietta Leung.

modern meeting room with a white table
The Meeting Room


modern conference table made from legos
The Other Meeting Room


a modern office kitchen
The Beautiful Kitchen


Information About Sitecompli

At Sitecompli they help property owners manage and run their properties more efficiently than ever before. With their mobile app you are able to work from anywhere, anytime. Their app, InCheck, allows you to keep up with every day issues regarding your buildings, tenants and helps you optimize your property operations. The app allows you to easily delegate tasks to members of your team.

This way each issue has a designated person and there is no chance for miscommunication or things getting lost in transit. This program puts all of your tasks into a sort of check list for you, so that you know which ones are critical and need done first down to the ones that aren’t in immediate need. As tasks get checked off the list you can have the workers either take a photo or sign showing you the task has been completed. InCheck cuts out the middle man allowing you to have all the information at your fingertips.

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