Coworking Space For The Creative Class

Do you need office space? Are you interested in coworking communities? Are you interested in being surrounded by artists and technologists? Are you interested in walking or biking to work? Do you have an appreciation for a raw industrial architecture?

100 Bogart is an outstanding piece of architecture located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. The exact address is 100 Bogart Street, Brooklyn NY, 11206. Bushwick & Williamsburg have become the epicenter of New York’s creative class.

100 bogart street
The Building Exterior

A Modern Coworking Community Transformed

100 Bogart is a very modern coworking space that provides a typical modern coworking setting such as turnkey workspaces that include open layout desks, meeting spaces and furnished private offices.

What really sets this location apart from other coworking centers are the high ceilings and and great light. In Manhattan, excellent natural light is hard to come by but at 100 Bogart, the floors are flooded with natural light as they stream through super large windows. Secondly, some of the office design features will really floor you (Hint: check out the lobby picture below). There are several offices that can seat many individuals and their office space seems very clean. This coworking space was developed with freelancers and other creative individuals in mind.

Bogart Coworking
Coworking Area
Bogart Building Lobby
The Lobby
Bogart Coworking Hallway
The Hallway

Most importantly, the building is also brand new, has high ceilings and beautiful polished concrete floors. It’s exterior architecture is unique and is one of the few coworking centers that has a dedicated building.

Bushwick Neighborhood

100 Bogart is in the heart of Bushwick and a 2 minute walk to the L train. Dozens of studios are scattered around in the neighborhood. You’ll find amazing coffee shops that were converted from garages. Since 2000, young professionals have moved into this neighborhood for its inexpensive building stock and proximity to Manhattan. Today it has become a destination for those looking to embrace the Brooklyn vibe but at a discount to Williamsburg.

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