The Yelp office space is gracious and is accompanied by a bright atmosphere. It is a perfect match for this team of young creative people that are looking to change the world.

The colors are vibrant, and exciting. One of the first things you will notice when you enter the office is a ping pong table which is provided to employees, and you will also probably notice the large lounge area that is provided to be a creative workspace. The lounge area is the host to a classic sofa and modern bean bags  that could provide much needed rest and relaxation. 

You also have modern design bench to feel being in a park. It is really open with large tables if you want to do relax meeting with your team discussing a project. And you know what, you even have a barista bar to have fresh coffee when you arrive at work, forget Starbucks and go apply at Yelp New York Office.


Yelp is a tech company with a mobile application that provides customer reviews for local businesses around the world that include everything from restaurants, bars, shops, theaters and everything else in between.


The office is located in front of the Madison Square Park.  You will also find that there are quite a lot of famous international companies in the surrounding area. Not to mention, there are all kinds of restaurants in the area, which also makes this area perfect for hosting business lunches. If you’re in the area and want to explore the nightlife, all you have to do is head down to 23rd street and you will have several bars and clubs to choose from.

Vibrant Office Space


Communal Space