Hedge Fund Office in Midtown
High atop Tower 40 at 12 East 49th Street, there’s a sleek office with outstanding views facing South East and West on the 37th floor.  What makes this office a beauty besides the design of the space, is the unusual floor plate providing an appealing layout for a hedge fund.  Similar in shape to half an octagon, the efficient floor plan provides dramatic views of the Manhattan landscape as well as a streamlined office feel.


Hedge Fund Layout
The space itself is a brand new high quality installation with superb lighting, glass fronted conference room, and and architectural design that is very attractive to a financial firm like a hedge fund.  The property is roughly 8,000 square feet with 14 trading positions, 6 glass fronted perimeter offices, and a conference room.

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    • 12 50th St 0.48 miles
    • 4566 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.38 miles
    • bdfm 42nd St - Bryant Pk 0.46 miles
    • s Grand Central - 42nd St 0.33 miles
    • 466 51st St 0.26 miles
    • em 5th Ave - 53rd St 0.21 miles
    • em Lexington Ave - 53rd St 0.41 miles
    • s Times Sq - 42nd St 0.50 miles
    • 77 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.40 miles
    • bde 7th Ave 0.47 miles
    • bdfm 47th-50th Sts - Rockefeller Ctr 0.25 miles
    • f 57th St 0.47 miles
    • nqrw 49th St 0.42 miles
    • 77 5th Ave - Bryant Pk 0.36 miles