WeWork, the largest coworking tenant in New York City has an amazing office at 175 Varick Street.  The space, created by designer Dror Benshetrit, is one of WeWork’s unique ventures.  WeWork partnered with Dror to design and help fill the space.  Dror created WeCross; a creative coworking space with tenants from various creative and innovative industries such as design, architecture, communications, and technology.  The large 13,000 square foot space was quickly filled by many of Dror’s contacts and connections in real estate.


The space itself is mainly open with some glass-fronted offices and conference rooms, pantry, quiet work area, and breakout spaces.  The industrial feel of the space itself includes exposed ceilings, large windows, and large duct work.  The design is contemporary in nature with long modern work desks, colorful modern couches for the breakout areas, light wood flooring, and large mirrors.  Dror designed the space with transparency in mind in to foster collaboration.


SoHo West | 175 Varick Street
SoHo West used to be known as the Printing District, but has been transformed into digital media, publishing, and production spaces.  175 Varick is located in SoHo West, was once a typical building used for loading merchandise.  Now it’s a unique building providing modern amenities like game rooms and indoor bike storage.  The area around the building has been revived with trendy bars and restaurants; an amazing development where such eateries were unheard of in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Tenants looking to get to this building are within a couple of blocks from 5 subway lines.


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