This uniquely designed office has 4 offices and a conference room.

Originally built for a high-end fund management firm, the next executive to choose this location as its next headquarters will step into a beautifully designed office without having done any of the work that goes into custom building an office.

Location is a couple blocks away from Manhattan's most exciting and upscale restaurants in Midtown such as Philippe, Biblique, and Lavo.

  • Area

    3500 sq ft

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    • 4566 Lexington Ave - 59th St 0.02 miles
    • 466 51st St 0.43 miles
    • 466 68th St - Hunter College 0.44 miles
    • em 5th Ave - 53rd St 0.41 miles
    • em Lexington Ave - 53rd St 0.36 miles
    • f 57th St 0.49 miles
    • fq Lexington Ave - 63rd St 0.18 miles
    • nrw 5th Ave - 59th St 0.30 miles
    • nrw Lexington Ave - 59th St 0.05 miles