Hedge Fund Space

This incredible hedge fund space is an incredible plug and play oppotunity. All the furniture stays. The installation is also high-end which makes the space amazing. The views you will also find to be incredible. This full floor opportunity of 12,000 rsf is available right to lease.

If there’s an area of Manhattan that businesses would consider central, Bryant Park would certainly be one of them.  The office building at 452 Fifth has a new entrance with renovated lobby and elevators. The lobby has a sleek look with fritted white glass, Jerusalem Stone, and an impressive 35 foot limestone wall. Directly across from the New York Public Library, the bright night lights of the lobby illuminates the Library across Fifth Avenue.


Bryant Park Office Space
452 Fifth is a 30 story building with breathtaking river to river views.  This 23rd floor available space has the updated look world class businesses are looking for in their office space.  The space features glass fronted offices, oak finishes, and modern lighting fixtures.   This space is great for tenants looking for a world class office in very close proximity to Grand Central Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station, and several subway lines.

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    • 4566 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.29 miles
    • 466 33rd St 0.42 miles
    • bdfm 42nd St - Bryant Pk 0.19 miles
    • nqrw Times Sq - 42nd St 0.29 miles
    • s Grand Central - 42nd St 0.17 miles
    • nqrw Herald Sq - 34th St 0.34 miles
    • s Times Sq - 42nd St 0.34 miles
    • 77 Times Sq - 42nd St 0.36 miles
    • 77 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.33 miles
    • bdfm 47th-50th Sts - Rockefeller Ctr 0.45 miles
    • 123 34th St - Penn Station 0.47 miles
    • 123 Times Sq - 42nd St 0.35 miles
    • bdfm Herald Sq - 34th St 0.33 miles
    • 77 5th Ave - Bryant Pk 0.12 miles