There are few opportunities to find creative office space in Midtown South in a Modern Class A property.

This built and furnished office space has many of the features that creative tenants are looking for but also the benefits of a Modern Building such as:

  • Corporate and professional lobby
  • Advanced heating and cooling systems to enhance comfort
  • High speed elevators with virtually no wait time for access

The space is ideal for a tech, advertising, marketing, internet or any other creative use. It's built with 8 offices, conference room and bullpen for 30. The space has all the design features that creatives are looking for these days including:

  • Collaborative work areas
  • Updated design aesthetic - Post-Modern furniture
  • Galley pantry¬† that functions as communal space
  • Lockers to service hot-desking
  • Exposed ceilings to provide a sense of openness.


  • Area

    9000 m2

  • Term Length


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