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Unique Workspaces Presents: The Office Journal

Mar 29
Summit RE Partner’s Leases Grammy Award Winning Space

Summit RE Partner’s Leases Grammy Award Winning Space Daniel Hassett of Summit…

Sep 22
A Chelsea Office Search – Well Executed

The Office Space Search Day One agency was looking for an office space that properly…

Aug 02
Hedge Fund Space: Quad Capital’s Beautiful Office at 77 Water

Quad Capital Quad Capital, a proprietary trading firm, was looking to rebuild its…

Jul 31
Virtuoso’s New Amazing Office Space at 220 East 42nd

Office Space Upgrade Virtuoso, the world’s number one travel network, was…

Jul 15
Rent Green Office Space in New York City Directly Below a Farm

Commercial Organic Farming Grows atop an Office Building Imagine working in your…

Apr 08
Best Place to Work in 2015 – Airbnb Takes the Top Spot

Airbnb Offices Voted Best Place to Work Airbnb was voted best place to work by…