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Jul 31
Virtuoso’s New Amazing Office Space at 220 East 42nd

Office Space Upgrade Virtuoso, the world’s number one travel network, was…

Jul 15
Rent Green Office Space in New York City Directly Below a Farm

Commercial Organic Farming Grows atop an Office Building Imagine working in your…

Apr 08
Best Place to Work in 2015 – Airbnb Takes the Top Spot

Airbnb Offices Voted Best Place to Work Airbnb was voted best place to work by…

Jan 14
Gand Central Loft with Terrace – Garden in the Sky

Grand Central Loft with Terrace Located half a block from the entrance of Grand…

Jan 04
Is an Open Office Plan a Good Idea?

According to an online survey conducted by by Christina Rexrode of the Wall Street…

Dec 22
Intelligent Office Space in Brooklyn

Kickstarter may have the coolest office space in all of New York City. Incorporating…