Rent Green Office Space in New York City Directly Below a Farm

Commercial Organic Farming Grows atop an Office Building

Imagine working in your office everyday while tomatoes and other vegetables are growing, chickens are clucking, and bees are busy producing honey right above you.  Well this is exactly what you will experience if you rent an office at 37-18 Northern Boulevard, the location for NYC’s largest urban farm, the Brooklyn Grange‘s Flagship location in Queens, New York…. and of course, if you are looking to rent “green office space”, this is a building you should consider. The building is a few stops in from Manhattan on the 7 train. It’s about a 15 minute train ride from Grand Central Station and 20 minute train ride from the Port Authority.

Standard Motor Products Building
Standard Motor Products Building

Green Minded Tenants

The Brooklyn Grange also operates another farm at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Together, they distributes their produce to local restaurants, retailers, and caterers. Since its inception in 2010, the Grange has become more than just a farm. For a fee, The Grange can also be an amenity to the building for those looking to host events at a unique location.  The farm creates energy savings by having an incredible insulating effect. It keeps warm air in during the winter and keeps the roof cool during the summer.

By growing and distributing organic fruits and vegetables, The Grange drastically reduces the carbon footprint when compared to traditional food production and distribution.   Furthermore, it brings awareness of sustainable urban farming to the urban culture by hosting events for school children and not-for-profits.

They have also introduced consulting services to help residential and commercial landlords and tenants introduce green rooftops to their buildings or dwellings.  Anything from creating a garden balcony, to building a greenhouse on top of a commercial building, the Brooklyn Grange can design and install these green installations.

Current Availabilities

There are currently 2 larger available at 37-18 Northern Blvd. The floors have high ceilings and fantastic light. The building is adjacent to the 36th Avenue subway stop where you will find the E,F,M,R trains. It is only three stops from Manhattan. Rents will also be substantially below NYC office rents.

3rd Floor – 9,387 RSF
5th Floor- 10,807 RSF

Former Standard Motor Products Building

37-18 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City was built almost 100 years ago. More recently, it housed the Jim Henson Co’s Muppet production studio.  Along with the Standard Motor Products Inc’s operations, which now only take up two floors, there are now dozens of new tenants that take up office space in this 300,000 plus square foot RXR Realty owned building. Some tenants include, Standard Motors Products, Logisticare, The I. Grace Company, and Broadview Networks.

Commercial Building Green Roofing

Many of the buildings in New York City can benefit from green roofs.  Not just as a way to reduce their buildings’ energy costs, but also as a way for office tenants to enjoy the amenities of having a beautiful rooftop. Tenants can frequent on their lunch break, during meetings, or any other time of day.  One example of this is The Plant building located at 321 West 44th Street in Manhattan.

More and more commercial landlords are exploring green roofing options, even if it’s not a vegetable garden.  The options are vast; from building a greenhouse, to landscaping the bulk of a roof with flowers, to having a few islands of grass.  Every landscaped roof or terrace is a step towards a more environmentally-friendly, energy efficient building. Meanwhile it increases the amenities for current and prospective office tenants.  Thanks to the Brooklyn Grange and their pioneering work in the urban green space, commercial building owners and tenants looking for green office space can benefit from better roofing practices.

Brooklyn Grange Manhattan skyline view
Manhattan Skyline
Brooklyn Grange garden with views
Garden with View
Vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden
Brooklyn Grange rooftop mosaic

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