About Us


Office space should be inspiring and exciting! We are completely committed to sourcing the best office spaces for rent or lease and highlighting the premier buildings in New York City.


We are focused on office spaces in Manhattan that are beautiful, move-in-ready, luxury, furnished or just special – offices spaces and buildings that are set apart and represent the best workspaces. Welcome to Unique Workspaces!


Stan Conway

Stan has been passionate about finding the most inspiring and unique office spaces from the very beginning of his career. Stan’s role as a commercial real estate advisor includes representing clients in lease acquisitions and dispositions, lease auditing and strategic development, implementation of occupancy cost reduction strategies, and advanced lease renewals.

Stan has completed numerous transactions in every industry from legal to entertainment companies. He is brilliant at quickly synthesizing and prioritizing the needs of his clients to formulate a strategy and target offices. He welcomes any challenge in finding the right space. He has yet to complete a deal on an indoor field or indoor farming but its on his bucket list of things to accomplish.

Stan is an avid sports enthusiast and has a vast knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

James Roche

James is always on the hunt for the most beautiful and unique office spaces. James Roche has completed over 400 leases for office space. After 30 years in the industry, James’ diversity in experience will be extremely valuable for any type of company. James has negotiated more than 2 million square feet of transactions during his career, ranging from law firms, tech firms, hedge funds, schools and medical practices. There is nothing he hasn’t seen.

Mr. Roche has an incredible visual memory. James also has partnered and invested in many of his clients startups and new establishments. He also prides himself on making high quality introductions that help his clients succeed.

James never sits still. In the evenings you will find him dining at the restaurants he’s invested in.

Our Values


We are nothing without our clients. Be thoughtful, courageous, and persistent to have a big impact on their business and vision.