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High-end Move-In-Ready Space by Times Square

This 6,500 SF space is a real treasure. First and foremost it is built to a very high standard. The offices all have full glass fronts. The ceilings are exposed to a 14' slab (most offices have an 11' slab and the ceilings will go up to about 8.5' if they are finished. The space is built with 5 offices, conference room and open area for about 20-30.

11 Times Square

The quality of 11 Times Square is generally considered to be among the highest, with state-of-the-art amenities, modern designs, and energy-efficient systems. The building is also equipped with a wide range of technology and connectivity options to support the needs of today's businesses. In addition, 11 Times Square has achieved LEED certifications for their environmentally sustainable features, especially its overwhelmingly pure air quality. Overall, 11 Times Square is widely regarded as among the finest commercial properties in the city.

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    6500 sq ft
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