Of the many intriguing features of One World Trade,  the world class amenities that the site boasts about that truly make One World Trade Center one-of-a-kind. Influenced by a tech work-vibe, the building prides itself on its ability to appeal to any kind of tenant.

The building has a cafe with panoramic views of the city where workers can grab a bite to eat or get some caffeine. There’s a games room which is complete with shuffle board, different videos games, and billiards for when workers need a break from work or they’re looking to impress a big client.

One World Trade Center has given the typical officer worker more to look forward to than just work. The amenities are strictly limited to the tenants of the building, enhancing the element of exclusivity. To inquire about space any from 5,000 rsf to 100,000 reach out to 212-484-9800 at Summit RE Partners.

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    • 4566 Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall 0.46 miles
    • ac Fulton St 0.28 miles
    • ac Chambers St 0.28 miles
    • 23 Fulton St 0.35 miles
    • 23 Park Pl 0.23 miles
    • 123 Chambers St 0.33 miles
    • e World Trade Center 0.17 miles
    • jz Fulton St 0.27 miles
    • rw City Hall 0.32 miles
    • 45 Bowling Green 0.46 miles
    • 45 Wall St 0.27 miles
    • rw Rector St 0.26 miles
    • 1 Rector St 0.28 miles
    • 1 Cortlandt St 0.04 miles
    • 45 Fulton St 0.18 miles
    • jz Broad St 0.36 miles
    • rw Cortlandt St 0.10 miles
    • 23 Wall St 0.37 miles