5 NYC Coworking Workspaces That Will Make Your Peers Jealous!

5 NYC Coworking Workspaces That Will Make Your Peers Jealous!

Are you ready to feast your eyes on the best coworking workspaces in all of New York City? Be prepared to be amazed by these magnificent office spaces for rent in NYC that are changing the way people interact, and behave in their everyday working lives.

The Coworking Workspace at Thompson Square Studios

When you enter this luxurious coworking space located in the heart of Soho New York, you will literally feel like you have walked into a world class hotel. This lavish fifteen thousand square foot location can host up to one hundred people. To make sure Thompson Square Studios tops other coworking spaces in the city, it even has its own concierge service that caters to its residents. The residence itself also welcomes both short term leases and long term leases.

Check out the photos below to see this amazing space.

an executive bar with antique decorative lighting
a modern day chandelier hanging in an executive conference room
Conference room

Our Number Two Pick

Our number two coworking workspace in NYC came in a close tie for first, and if you are wondering which space we are referring to, well it’s none other than the Assemblege by Meyer Davis. Perhaps most might argue that this creative space truly wins on the creativity factor, but what lost it to our first pick was the lack of a concierge service that will literally cater to your every need. However, you can make up your own mind.

The Assemblage creative coworking spaces will have three separate locations, but we are focusing on the located on John Steet. As you walk through the facility you will likely notice the large number of living plant life scattered throughout the common areas – there are well over 2,000 plants!

The designers were focused on bringing the outside indoors by bringing elements of nature throughout the building. The Assemblage also has daily programming that includes yoga, meditation, and even a sound room. The experience of being here is remarkable that you don’t even have to leave the building. You can decide to move right into many of their beautiful rooms. There are excellent dining options in the building and close by If you’re an early riser you might even be able to catch the free daily breakfast that are for members only and we bet you won’t be disappointed.

Here are some photos of this magnificent idea of brilliance.

Office Building Entrance
Office Building Entrance
a large gong inside of a room
Sound Room
an executive conference room with a television
The Conference Room
Other Office Space
Other Office Space
beautiful office space
An Elegant Space in The Assemblage

WeWork Tower 49 Location

Despite its sullied reputation from its failed IPO and the ousting of its founder, “WeWork” is synonymous with coworking. Despite the concept of coworking has been around for decades, WeWork is credited for bringing the concept of renting office space in a communal environment.  In 2017, WeWork was valued at a lofty $20 Billion. After the pandemic, it is suffering massive vacancies and worth substantially less. Regardless, WeWork has forever  changed the way people work. This specific locations, is its largest office space in NYC and is located at 12 East 49th Street and has several unique features for the up and coming entrepreneur.

Some of the great features of the We Work Tower 49 Location Include:

  • A Brainstorming Room where you and your team members can privately discuss business matters and creative ideas. The room itself has its own whiteboard and stand up furniture that really turns this from an ordinary conference room to a room for powerful innovators and creative gurus.
  • An Event Room that has a state of the art sound system, a projector, lighting controls, and a lounge for all of your team members. This room is
  • A Wellness Room that you can use at your own convenience and privacy. This room is dedicated for nursing mothers, meditation, and others who just need a quick break from the stressors of office life. This private room is lockable, so if you are requiring some much needed privacy, then you will have the room all to yourself.

Other Benefits of Making This Your Preferred Coworking Location

If you decide that this WeWork location inside of Tower 49 is the place you want to be, then let us explain some other added benefits that come with working inside of this building.

  • You will have an unlimited access to their delicious micro roasted coffee. Not having to worry about caffeine crashes is a must have for any coworking space and it is especially helpful during those tough Monday mornings.
  • You will also have access to secured, soundproofed phone booths that are perfect for conducting phone calls and video chats that require an extra layer of security. Your calls will always be confidential and away from unwanted listeners.
  • Another awesome fact about Tower 49 is that you and your team members will have several opportunities every month that will allow you to attend professional workshops and social events that will help your team learn new ways to build stronger working relationships with one another.
  • The final thing we would like to mention about WeWork Tower 49 is that they have friendly staff that offers front desk service and personalized support if you need it. Keep reading to take a look at their beautiful photos and check out the rest of our top 5 coworking offices.

Check out there beautiful office spaces below.

Lounge Area Cafe Common Area Desk Space With a View

The Creative Office of Green Desk

This New York City coworking space for rent is also truly remarkable. This outstanding office space is located on 240 Kent Avenue and the company is genuinely concerned about saving energy and doing all they can to create an efficient work zone for the inhabitants of the complex. This locations has almost everything you could ever need, including a pantry, lounge areas, and of course conference rooms. The Green Desk also features fully furnished offices, high speed internet, an outdoor patio, and even bike storage for those of you who like to petal your way to work everyday.

Here are some pictures of the Green Desk space. Enjoy.

Open Area with woman working
Open Area
Breakout room with unique hanging bulbs
Breakout Room
Entrance to the Green Desk

Last But Not Least, The Offices of The Yard

Looking to rent office space in NYC in Downtown Manhattan? The coworking space at The Yard which is located at 116 Nassau Street gives you a sense of immediate nostalgia as soon as you enter the reception area. Many of the coworking spaces are accompanied by bright carpeting and modern furniture which also brings feelings of excitement and urgency. This beautiful fast paced office also comes with private conference rooms and other several unique work areas.

Check out the photography of this amazing space below.

reception area of a local business
Private conference room
the yard
The Hallway

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