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Jul 24
Top 5 Trends to Get Employees Back in the Office

Top 5 Trends to Get Employees Back in the Office As you are looking for office space a major consideration will be what you will need to look for when renting your next office in NYC. A lot of beautiful leased and perfectly furnished and designed office space is Manhattan is remaining sparse and underutilized […]

Oct 18
The Phonebooth– A Must Have in Your Office Space

As one of the world’s largest producers of phone booths for the office, Framery is playing a big part in changing what some companies are looking for when they go to rent their next office space and then design it. What had become a useless relic after the invention of the cell phone, the phone […]

Jun 04
In the Age of Covid, Is an Open Office Plan STILL a Good Idea?

Back in 2015, we posted an article that office space with an open plan may not be the best of ideas. The Wall Street Journal had printed a contrarian piece which posited the office space with open plan was too noisy and disruptive. Furthermore it reduced workplace productivity. Based on their online survey, 67% felt […]

Sep 07
Coworking Spaces or Executive Suites – Which One is For You

Trying to decide what kind of office space to rent in NYC? Do you have a sense that coworking is not professional enough and you need a private office? Well everyone has heard of coworking spaces, but prior to companies such as WeWork, there was a concept called an “Executive Suite” which was far more […]