Be Inspired

Be Inspired

Take a look inside some of the most beautiful, striking and creative offices and be inspired

Mar 02
This Manhattan Office Space is Mind Blowing!

These pictures speak for themselves. These super exciting floors are have double height ceilings or roughly 24 feet. This gives the unique feeling of openness. The space is occupied by Travel Tripper. Escape Your Hum Drum Existence Looking for office space for lease that is as dramatic?!? The building has an additional 10,000 rsf of […]

Jul 08
Office Interiors and Corporate Branding that Inspires Employees

Office Interiors and Corporate Branding that Inspires Employees Why bother leaving work for happy hour when you can bring happy hour to the office? For lovers of world famous beer, the Heineken headquarters could be a dream job. Heineken was looking to rent office space outside NY that would not disconnect them from their New York […]

Jul 02
The Most Creative & Artistic Office Space: Etsy Headquarters

Creative & Artistic Office Space The Etsy office is among the most creative & artistic office spaces and definitely personifies the Etsy brand. The space is light and airy and reflects the creative spirit of its community and employees.  The office itself is located in the Dumbo Heights buildings. Upon entering the Etsy Corporate Campus […]

Jul 31
Virtuoso’s New Amazing Office Space at 220 East 42nd

Office Space Upgrade Virtuoso, the world’s number one travel network, was looking to upgrade its office space in New York City and expand into a new amazing office. What made their office space search so unique? For those who are passionate about travel, they understand that Virtuoso’s network of advisors and suppliers allow their clients […]

Jan 04
Is an Open Office Plan a Good Idea?

According to an online survey conducted by by Christina Rexrode of the Wall Street Journal‘s blog, the open office plan is not a good idea. Based on an online survey, 73% had experienced working in an open office and 67% had found it bad for productivity.  Hotdesking, where you have unassigned desks, was found to […]

Nov 27
Premier Coworking for the Fashion Industry

Fashion Coworking Space 530 Seventh Avenue is the premier high-end coworking showroom for fashion firms looking to display there wears in Manhattan. It is especially suited for companies that have headquarters elsewhere and are mostly looking to have a presence in New York but don’t necessarily need a dedicated private office. If you have a […]