Lower East Side Office Space

If you’ve been looking to lease office space in the lower east side of NYC you would know how difficult it is to find anything. The Lower East Side has the feel of Brooklyn with an incredible number of dining and entertainment options. Its the ultimate 24/7 neighborhood for the creative class.  At 88 Eldridge Street there is an opportunity to lease two to five 10,000 square foot floors for $55 per square foot. You are also blocks away from the most exciting and edgy neighborhood in Manhattan, Essex Crossing. This is the Ultimate Live Work destination. If you are not familiar with this project, you must learn about it.

88 Eldridge Street

This lower east side gem of a building was a former carriage house that was later converted to a garage. 88 Eldridge has since had 2 floors converted to galleries. The floors for rent which could easily be converted to office space. Other features of this unique building are the exposed wood beams and support and exposed steel columns. The walls are also a beautiful exposed brick. You can see from the pictures below. The landlord will also add windows were the windows have been blocked with cinder block. This NYC Landlord will also deliver new bathrooms and HVAC and perhaps a bit more.

Orchard Street 

Orchard Street, which is the next block over from 88 Eldridge and a 2 minute walk away, is a new NYC night life hot spot. You'll find after hours revelers flocking here all nights of the week. During the weekend the street is closed and you'll find people enjoying food, drinks and live music at this regular block party.   Destinations include Gem Wine, Attaboy and The Flower Shop.  For some of the best bars and dining establishments in the area check out this list here.

In Summary, for your next office space search in Manhattan, if you are looking for something that is unique to you and want to draw employees that want to be in a super cool and edgy neighborhood in Manhattan, then give 88 Eldridge some serious consideration. The Landlord can make a search of anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 square feet available to rent.

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