125 Maiden Lane, in Downtown Manhattan, is one of a few office buildings downtown that has office space that you can buy, not just lease. The commercial condo units in this building trade at a very fair price. This building also has a terrace as an amenity for all the condo owners. The terrace is somewhat bland but is still a draw and sets the building apart.

Outdoor space comes at a real premium downtown because buildings downtown have such limited light and air. This terrace is available to all the tenants of the building, regardless if the tenant owns or leases in this office building.

Commercial Condominium

This property is a commercial condo and of course caters to many not-for-profits. Typical units here are 2,000-10,000 RSF. Full floors are 20,000 RSF. If you are interested in purchasing your next New York office and have thought about buying commercial condos for a while, call us at 646-480-1141. We will show you commercial condo for sale in a variety of different buildings and different neighborhoods.


  • Area
    7000 sq ft
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    • 4566 Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall 0.45 miles
    • ac Fulton St 0.25 miles
    • 23 Fulton St 0.19 miles
    • 23 Park Pl 0.45 miles
    • e World Trade Center 0.44 miles
    • jz Fulton St 0.24 miles
    • jz Chambers St 0.48 miles
    • rw City Hall 0.45 miles
    • 1 South Ferry 0.49 miles
    • 45 Bowling Green 0.41 miles
    • 45 Wall St 0.29 miles
    • rw Whitehall St 0.42 miles
    • rw Rector St 0.35 miles
    • 1 Rector St 0.39 miles
    • 1 Cortlandt St 0.46 miles
    • 45 Fulton St 0.30 miles
    • jz Broad St 0.24 miles
    • rw Cortlandt St 0.36 miles
    • 23 Wall St 0.14 miles