Ground Floor Office Space

Ground floor office space is hard to come buy in Manhattan if you are interested in leasing some. Often times, the price of retail space is prohibitive. But retail has virtually no loss factor which means that the retail measurement is much truer than an office measurement. Given that an office measurement can have a 27-40 percent loss factor, a retail quoted rent should be discounted by that same amount. That means a $100/sf asking rent for retail space for lease is like a $70 asking rent for office space for lease.

1 Hudson Square

At 1 Hudson square there is an opportunity to rent about 8,000 sf (on a retail measurement) that is built as office space. First thing you will notice is that the ceilings are super high at about 15'. The architecturally distinct rectangular mushroom columns create additional drama to the space.  The space was built to a high-standard and originally housed the management office for the building.

There are many subway lines nearby - the A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, 9. The building is on Canal Street which is a major thorough fair. On the immediate block there aren't a ton of restaurants but there is a beautiful cafe in the lobby.  Within a 5 minute walk there are 2 rooftop lounges with amazing views - Hotel Hugo and Hotel Arlo. You are also a quick walk to the restaurants on West Broadway such as Cipriani Downtown.

Hudson Square Getting A Makeover

With Google and Disney moving in, the Hudson Square Bid is making big moves to change the neighborhood. For the most part, office tenants in the neighborhood would have to walk a couple block to Soho and West Village to experience vibrant street life. The Hudson Square Bid has proposed raising $22 Million to make the neighborhood more walking and biking friendly.


  • Area
    8000 sq ft
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    • 466 Canal St 0.47 miles
    • 12 Canal St 0.05 miles
    • 12 Houston St 0.34 miles
    • ace Spring St 0.25 miles
    • nqrw Prince St 0.48 miles
    • ace Canal St - Holland Tunnel 0.20 miles
    • rw Canal St 0.38 miles
    • nq Canal St 0.44 miles
    • 12 Franklin St 0.29 miles