Most Beautiful Loft Floors for Rent in Penn Station Neighborhood

These loft floors are the nicest loft floors available for rent in the Penn Station neighborhood, let alone all the island of Manhattan. There are a variety of floor sizes, from 8,000 sf to 20,000 sf, available here for lease since the building gets smaller as you go up. The lobby has been renovated too. The landlord has impeccable taste and spared now expense in making these office spaces fantastic. Some of the features include:

  • Stunning 4 x 4 ceramic tiles
  • Exposed industrial beams
  • Exposed brick
  • Exposed ceilings with pendant lighting

The Landlord is very talented and has the ability to build whatever the client needs at a quality far better than most of his competitors in NYC. For qualified tenants, the landlord will build offices with glass fronts, phone booths, meetings rooms, and high-end pantry. The bathrooms in this building are also gorgeous. Of course, they lobby is renovated too. If you are looking to rent office space in NYC and appreciate the value of a Landlord that can work magic then call us at 646-480-1141 and we will arrange a tour.


  • Area
    20000 sq ft
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    • bdfm 42nd St - Bryant Pk 0.34 miles
    • nqrw Times Sq - 42nd St 0.24 miles
    • nqrw Herald Sq - 34th St 0.31 miles
    • s Times Sq - 42nd St 0.31 miles
    • 77 Times Sq - 42nd St 0.23 miles
    • 12 28th St 0.45 miles
    • 123 34th St - Penn Station 0.21 miles
    • 123 Times Sq - 42nd St 0.23 miles
    • ace 42nd St - Port Authority Bus Term 0.28 miles
    • bdfm Herald Sq - 34th St 0.30 miles
    • ace 34th St - Penn Station 0.15 miles
    • 77 5th Ave - Bryant Pk 0.48 miles