High-End Office Space for Rent by Union Square

This is one of the most fantastic high-end office space units for rent in the Union Square neighborhood we have ever seen. We love the quality of the installation with its full glass fronts and sliding glass doors which even allow more light to stream through. The office space has light on 2 sides with great views facing south and of Union Square park. Other great features you will notice are the exposed ceilings and galley pantry as you walk in. No detail was missed here.

Of course one of the main draws of Union Square is its proximity to restaurants and especially the vibrancy of New York City's greatest farmers market.

Top Office Building in the Neighborhood

This building provides the professionalism of a Midtown building but in a more relaxed and creative environment. This office will appeal to an investment firm, family office, PR firm or any other group looking for something special. This space should appeal to tenants who are focused in renting office space on a Class A Manhattan building but would like something a bit more relaxed and inspiring. This is one of our top favorite spaces currently on the market.

  • Area
    3500 sq ft
  • Term Length
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    • 466 Astor Pl 0.48 miles
    • 466 23rd St 0.25 miles
    • 4566 Union Sq - 14th St 0.16 miles
    • 466 28th St 0.50 miles
    • fm 23rd St 0.46 miles
    • nqrw Union Sq - 14th St 0.10 miles
    • nqrw 23rd St 0.31 miles
    • l 3rd Ave 0.34 miles
    • l Union Sq - 14th St 0.17 miles
    • nqrw 8th St - NYU 0.48 miles
    • fm 14th St 0.38 miles
    • l 6th Ave 0.45 miles