Ground Floor Showroom for Rent in Upper East Side of Manhattan

This ground floor showroom on the corner of 65th and Lexington Avenue is adjacent to Jonathan Adler Studios. The showroom is in immaculate condition. The ownership is on sight and excellent and there is room to expand in the building and adjacent.

The Upper East Side space is about 2,000 SF on the ground and 2,000 SF on the lower level. You can rent the space for any term you like. It's in perfect condition and will require very little work for a showroom.

This unique office building was also known as the Small Bones Building for many years. Although the building is tagged as being in the Plaza District, it is technically in the Upper East Side (UES).

  • Area
    3000 sq ft
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    • 4566 Lexington Ave - 59th St 0.28 miles
    • 466 68th St - Hunter College 0.16 miles
    • fq Lexington Ave - 63rd St 0.11 miles
    • nrw 5th Ave - 59th St 0.42 miles
    • nrw Lexington Ave - 59th St 0.26 miles
    • q 72nd St 0.42 miles