Live-Work Space in Midtown

This is a super bright live-work space for lease in the middle of Manhattan. This 7,500 square space is truly a gem. There is about 7,000 sf of office space with a private apartment on the rooftop which is accessible by walking a flight of stairs. The apartment is super private. It’s built with a small living room and kitchen and bedroom. It has 3 huge skylights that flood the space with light. It has also windows on all 4 of its exterior walls allowing this space to achieve almost the impossible which is a rectangular space with windows on 5 sides.

The live-work space for lease is built with 7 offices, conference room and a board room for 16-24 chairs. It’s also furnished with sit stand desks. The space can accommodate about 30-50 people depending on much you densify.

Office Space with Private Terrace

This office space for lease also has private terrace that is accessible through the fire stairs. The private terrace has limited views because the parapet wall is very high but you do get a great shot of time the Empire State building. The landlord currently has plans of greening the roof with fake turf.

If you are looking for an office space with the following features then look no more and fill out the form below or call the number of:

  • Terrace
  • Private penthouse apartment
  • Amazing skylights
  • Furniture
  • Light on 5 sides
  • Brand new pantry
  • High Ceilings
  • Term Length
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    • 4566 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.42 miles
    • 466 33rd St 0.34 miles
    • bdfm 42nd St - Bryant Pk 0.24 miles
    • nqrw Times Sq - 42nd St 0.30 miles
    • s Grand Central - 42nd St 0.31 miles
    • nqrw 28th St 0.42 miles
    • nqrw Herald Sq - 34th St 0.19 miles
    • s Times Sq - 42nd St 0.38 miles
    • 77 Times Sq - 42nd St 0.37 miles
    • 77 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.45 miles
    • 123 34th St - Penn Station 0.34 miles
    • 123 Times Sq - 42nd St 0.36 miles
    • bdfm Herald Sq - 34th St 0.18 miles
    • ace 34th St - Penn Station 0.48 miles
    • 77 5th Ave - Bryant Pk 0.26 miles