Chinatown Offices Gutted
Ever consider Chinatown for office space?  Check out 35-37 East Broadway before you look elsewhere.  This unique space was gut renovated to cater to the look many TAMI (Tech, Advertising, Media, Information) tenants are looking for.  An old cast iron architecture with newly renovated interiors will surely grab the attention of many tenants looking for something other than a corporate feel for their office space.

Early Construction
Built in 1910, 35 East Broadway has had all its floors gutted and redone with medium-dark brown wood floors.  The walls are a combination of red brick and drywall outfitted with industrial-looking single-bulb light fixtures.  Perhaps the coolest aspect of the interiors are the original, large, black steel windows which are prevalent on all floors.  Each floor has an identical layout with three offices measuring roughly 1,600 – 1,800 square feet, with each floor having an elevator entrance leading directly to a common hallway and waiting area.

A Troubling History
Now owned by Empire Capital Holdings, 35 East Broadway had been seized by the feds back in May of 2012.  The previous owner, Won and Har Realty, had an illegal gambling operation in the building. Locals would frequent the site to play poker and slot machines, and there was even a sign outside the building brazenly inviting pedestrians to take a gamble.  In a forced seized property auction, 65% of the proceeds were allocated to the Department of Homeland Security, and 35% went to the original owner, Won and Har Realty.

If Chinatown still feels like a distant far off land, explore Chinatown with this Map.

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