Luxuriously Styled Office in Bryant Park
Exuberant office spaces like these are tough to come by in Midtown Manhattan.  This elegant space at 80 West 40th Street right next to Bryant Park, has all the ingredients of an office that can make one feel like working in a modern day castle.  A decorated fireplace, lofty ceiling heights, dramatic views of Bryant Park, and a layout that resembles more closely to a pre-war large brownstone or mansion.  At a bit over 7,000 square feet, this space is ideal for many types of creative uses.

The Grand Office Layout
Upon walking out of the elevators, one can immediately visualize how special the space really is with all its nooks and crannies.  There is a grand room that looks out over Bryant Park.  The ceiling height in this large “conference” room is north of 18 feet.  Walking out of this room, the tenant enters a hallway with the option to navigate into three separate areas.  One can take stairs to a large open area, and then up another flight to a smaller room that has its own private bathroom.  On a different course, one can move up to the private offices that overlook the grand room.

Building History
Steps from major transportation, this Beaux Arts Building was built in 1901 mainly for tenants in the arts.  The floors were used as live/work spaces where successful artists could spend as much time ruminating in creativity.  In 1938 there was a fire at the top floors of the building where many valuable works and antiquities were destroyed.  Today it houses many fashion tenants that are making their home in this historic building.

  • Area
    4000 sq ft
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    • 4566 Grand Central - 42nd St 0.44 miles
    • bdfm 42nd St - Bryant Pk 0.06 miles
    • nqrw Times Sq - 42nd St 0.13 miles
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    • ace 42nd St - Port Authority Bus Term 0.37 miles
    • bdfm Herald Sq - 34th St 0.29 miles
    • ace 34th St - Penn Station 0.45 miles
    • 77 5th Ave - Bryant Pk 0.16 miles