They say plants grow better where’s there’s music.  This space is no exception.  321 West 44th Street near Times Square is rich with music history.  A major tenant at The Plant from the late 1960’s to the mid 1980’s which was called The Record Plant, was a unique concept at the time, where artists could produce music recordings in a comfortable and casual environment.  The Record Plant produced notable music from well-known artists such as B.B. King, Billy Joel, John Lennon, Van Halen, and Jimmy Hendrix.

Still a production hub for musical talent, The Plant has transformed its image in the early 2010’s into a hip and funky stylized look.  It has gone through a thorough capital improvement transformation, most notable of which is the rooftop decked with a variety of plants.  Included in all this is a giant mural that was painted on the side of the building to truly make the building of a distinctive quality.  Tenants at the building can enjoy a beautifully finished rooftop deck, full of greenery and sunlight, thanks in part to adjacent lots with little or no obstructions to light and air.

The 8,831 rsf space available at 321 West 44th  has above standard finishes with a subtle bohemian look of cast iron glass fronted offices and exposed brick walls.  The space has a really comfortable and cool vibe.  Green thumb need not apply.


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