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Jul 08
Office Interiors and Corporate Branding that Inspires Employees

Office Interiors and Corporate Branding that Inspires Employees Why bother leaving work for happy hour when you can bring happy hour to the office? For lovers of world famous beer, the Heineken headquarters could be a dream job. Heineken was looking to rent office space outside NY that would not disconnect them from their New York […]

Jul 02
The Most Creative & Artistic Office Space: Etsy Headquarters

Creative & Artistic Office Space The Etsy office is among the most creative & artistic office spaces and definitely personifies the Etsy brand. The space is light and airy and reflects the creative spirit of its community and employees.  The office itself is located in the Dumbo Heights buildings. Upon entering the Etsy Corporate Campus […]

Nov 28
Unique Office Design Features from DMD Design

Teads NYC Office Space Search Teads was ready to upgrade their office space and rent something that was uniquely their own. Upon deciding on a locations, they decided they would like to rent office space in the Union Square neighborhood. Eventually they decided on 55 Fifth Avenue which is a destination for tenants of 10-50 […]