This Coworking Fosters a Sense of Community and Wellness

This Coworking Fosters a Sense of Community and Wellness

This inspiring office space offers something more than a functional work space. The Assemblage provides its members a sense of well being.

The developers of this concept wanted to create an environment that was holistic, natural, exciting and comfortable. There programming is extensive and is geared towards people who are interested in working in office environment that fosters emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.

The Assemblage not only provides a place to work, but is also has a hotel, and provides conferencing and event space. You can even rent a room here and live hear year round.

According their website, “Our community is made up of people and organizations across all sectors of human endeavor — join our growing network of authors, scientists, creatives, NGOs, architects and beyond.”

The company’s website says it best, “We are a community of individuals who believe the world is on the verge of a collective conscious evolution, transitioning from a society defined by the delusion of individualism and separation into one of mutual interconnectedness.”

A Creative Workspace That Comes Alive

When entering this wonderful inspiration of creativity one of the first things you will probably notice is the strategically placed live plants and the gigantic moss installation. Meyer Davis wanted to bring life to the everyday normal work day and he definitely has with this brilliant creation. The guest rooms range between 227 and 718 square feet of space which can accommodate up to four people at once. There are also several lounge areas that are furnished with very stylish and comfortable furniture.

Rest Your Mind, Body, and Soul While Visiting

This location also has several daily activities available that will help relieve the mental stress of everyday life. These activities include meditation, yoga, and even a sound room. If taking yoga classes or meditating isn’t your thing, then why not try heading down to the elixir bar and strike up some conversation with some of the other coworking tenants and hotel guests? It’s hard to full appreciate the beauty of The Assemblage without actually visiting it yourself.

Pictures of The John Street Location

The Tea Room
a large gong inside of a room
an executive conference room with a television
The Conference Room
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coworking space in nyc
Coworking Space