Jennifer Bett PR – Looking to Rent an Office in NYC in a Cool and Hip Neighborhood

Jennifer Bett PR – Looking to Rent an Office in NYC in a Cool and Hip Neighborhood

The Jennifer Bett Office

The Jennifer Bett Communications was looking to rent a beautiful office in NYC in a cool and hip neighborhood without breaking the bank. Since they were focused on servicing start-ups and uniquely creative brands such as The Yes, Fashionphile, Cuup and Bearaby, it made send from them not to be in area that was not too corporate such as Midtown or the Financial District. Their office search in New York, eventually led them to 37 West 20th street. A mid block building in Chelsea, their office offers a bright ambiance that houses a very high ceiling and large windows.  The office space design is very modern and is furnished with glass tables and comfortable elegant designer chairs. The place is set up for creativity. The interior is built with glass walls that allows light to flood the space. They added plants in the office make it more pleasant place to work and brings the outside indoors. The wall coverings demonstrate that with little cost you can add tremendous color and excitement


Jennifer Bett Communications is public relations agency who has been around for  three decades. Since its founding, JBC has helped companies with brand consulting, strategic partnerships, company and product launches, media relations positioning and even messaging and communications strategies.


The office is located on 20th Street between Madison Square Park and Union Square Park and the Flatiron building is only one block away. There are several neighborhood markets, restaurants and bars including the extremely popular sports bar and lounge, Bounce and the iconic, Eataly. You are in the area where new technology companies are blossoming everywhere and this is definitely an area where boredom will definitely be short lived.

In the end, Jennifer Bett achieved its goals of renting an office space  in NYC that was bright, airy and inspiring in a great neighborhood, but still stay in budget by going to an inexpensive building. 


Glass Fronted Office
Private Office
Unique Color Pallet

Hopefully these images helped inspire you for your next office office. If you are looking for built office like this or are even looking for raw space to be built to your specifications, contact us at 646-480-1141.